White Spruce


Native with a pyramidal growth habit. Shorter, softer needles and smaller cones than Colorado Spruce. Likes moist soil and tolerates partial shade better than Colorado Spruce. Great for privacy, shelterbelts, windbreaks and screening. Although white spruce communities are widespread throughout the North American boreal region, the species is less prominent in the moist, eastern part of the continent and becomes increasingly prominent in the drier western and northwestern regions. Associated plants across much of its range include quaking aspen, paper birch, black spruce, and balsam poplar. White spruce typically occurs on riparian, upland, and timberline sites, although it occurs on a wide range of other sites as well. It grows best on well-drained soils but occurs on a variety of land forms and soil types, with many different plant associates. Evergreen, Conifer, Coniferous.