Trembling Aspen, Quaking Aspen/Native Aspen


Native with white bark and green foliage that turns golden in the fall. The leaves tremble in the wind. Our special seed source is from a high elevation in Fernie B.C. which leafs out later than other varieties, making it more resistant to spring frosts. Great for privacy, shelterbelts, windbreaks and screening. Other names: Quaking Aspen, American Aspen, Mountain Aspen, Golden Aspen, Trembling Poplar, White Poplar and Popple. Available as Single or Multi-stem. Provides shade. Populus tremuloides is the most widely distributed tree in North America, being found from Canada to central Mexico. It is the defining species of the aspen parkland biome in the Prairie Provinces of Canada and extreme northwest Minnesota. Is the state tree of Utah. They sometimes produce seeds, but seldom grow from them. Mainly propagates itself through root sprouts, making extensive clonal colonies common. Each colony is its own clone, and all trees in the clone, have identical characteristics and share a single root structure. One clonal colony, named Pando, is considered the heaviest and oldest living organism on Earth, at six million kilograms and perhaps 80,000 years old. AKA Quaking Aspen or Native Aspen.


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