Scots Pine


Fast-growing, conical to columnar, medium sized conifer with bluish-green, sharp needles. Attractive orange bark color as time passes. Long lived. Great for privacy, shelterbelts, windbreaks and screening. Other names: Scotts Pine, Scott’s Pine, Scotch Pine, Scot’s Pine, Riga pine, Baltic pine, Norway pine, and Mongolian pine. The species is mainly found on poorer, sandy soils, rocky outcrops, peat bogs or close to the forest limit. It is the national tree of Scotland. Before the 18th century, this species was known as “Scots fir” or “Scotch fir”. Is tolerant to poor soils, drought and frost, and is found in various climatic conditions and ecological habitats. It is a pioneer species, able to colonize nutrient-poor soils in disturbed areas. Does not tolerate air pollution and salt-laden winds. Evergreen, Conifer, Coniferous.