Ohio Buckeye


The official 5 Star staff favorite. Easy to grow and care for. Many stages of interest throughout the year. Flowers are clusters of yellow-green in spring. Giant palmate, 5 lobed leaves. Orange fall color. Slow growing, oval form. Large buds. Grey uniquely textured bark. Produces interesting spiny nuts. Also known as the American Buckeye, and is in the Horse Chestnut family. It is the state tree of Ohio, is found primarily in the understory of the western half of Ohio, where the soils are more alkaline in pH. Its lightweight wood is used in the production of artificial limbs, and the holding of a “buckeye nut” in one’s pocket is considered good luck. A native of the Midwestern and Great Plains states. The nuts can also be dried, turning dark as they harden with exposure to the air, and strung into necklaces similar to those made from the kukui nut in Hawaii. Likes full sun. Companion plants include elder, ninebark, hydrangea, spirea, potentilla, juniper, dayliy, hosta, astilbe and fern. Prefers a well drained, moist soil that is slightly acidic.