Lance Leaf Poplar


Native that has long, dark green, glossy leaves with a light green underside. Leaves are shaped like the head of a lance. Dense pyramidal crown displays a beautiful yellow fall color. Good sub for Plains Cottonwood. Great for privacy, shelterbelts, windbreaks and screening. Other names: Lance-leaf Poplar, Lance Leaf Poplar. Provides shade. Usually treated as a hybrid between P. angustifolia and P. deltoides but often occurring in the absence of one or both reputed parents. Probably better treated as a hybrid derived species. Occurs on floodplains of major streams, primarily along the foot of the Rocky Mountain Front Ranges where these species grow together, but also extends onto the plains and Colorado Plateau (Alberta, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming). Good in parks or any reclamation project.


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