Columnar Spruce


Narrow upright growth habit for small spaces. Blue needle color. Great for privacy, shelterbelts, windbreaks and screening. Other names: Columnar Spruce, Upright Blue Spruce, Fastigiata Spruce. Specimen evergreen, with a strong central leader. Introduced by Iseli Nursery around 1989-1993. Evergreen, Conifer, Coniferous. Full sun to partial shade exposure. Companion plants include Barberry, dogwood, potentilla, spirea, lilac, sumac, grass and weigela. Prefers slightly acidic soul. If alkaline soil, top dress soil with aluminum sulfate to acidify soil and intensify the blue color. Water regularly as needed. Feed in spring with an all purpose fertilizer. Little pruning needed. Prune broken or damage limbs.