Baby Blue Spruce


Intense sky blue color. Selection of Colorado Spruce, with a more dense branching habit. Great for for large lawns, parks, or woodland areas, as well as shelterbelts, wind breaks, and screening. Evergreen, Conifer, Coniferous. After sixteen years of experimentation, this seed source with four very significant characteristics that sets it above all others: 1: To date, after having seeded and grown for over 20 years they have never had to cull out any green trees. They have all been vibrant blue. At one year plug size there is minimal color, however as they grow older their blue color intensifies. 2: The growth rate i.e: the rate of extension of the leader, is slower in the first two to three years and increases every year until at approx. three feet tall growth becomes similar to other blue spruce types. The bud formation on the leader is much heavier than other common Colorado seedlings. As a result growth is very compact and virtually no shearing is required. 3: The needles grow out evenly around the wood of the candle and give the branches a very full appearance which provides a full, compact looking tree at all ages. 4: Depending on climate of growing location, Baby Blue Spruce grows to a full-sized tree approximately 35-45 feet tall, but is somewhat more slender than common colorado blue spruce.