Residential Lawn Care in Grande Prairie

At KLon, we offer residents in Grande Prairie complete residential lawn care services. Our skilled staff can remove weeds from your grass, make it more lush, and improve its curb appeal.

For each unique site, our specialized vegetation management strategy offers the best option. To discuss your vegetation management plan, give us a call right away. Beyond weeding and mowing, we provide a range of services, including as fertilization, aeration, and specialty cleanups.

  • Fertilization: KLon offers fertilization and aeration services to encourage healthy, thick grass growth in residential and commercial buildings. Our organic fertilizer is formulated to meet the demands of your grass while being environmentally friendly.
  • Aeration: By making tiny holes in the soil, aeration makes it easier for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots. To encourage strong, lush grass growth, our knowledgeable staff provides aeration services with sophisticated machinery.
  • Weed Control: Our broadleaf weed control program is created just for you and helps reduce the amount of pesticide needed. To return your land to its pre-weed condition, we focus on invasive plants that are frequently found, like dandelions, chamomile, and thistle.
  • Monthly Packages: To keep your lawn looking its best throughout the season, we provide both one-time lawn mowing services and monthly packages. Our fertilization packages include applying fertilizer in the spring, summer, and fall as well as applying herbicide once a season. We exclusively use organic fertilizer, which promotes grass growth that is strong and dense.
  • Robotic Mowers: KLon is thrilled to be the first landscape management company in the Grande Prairie region to provide robotic mowers. Our automatic system helps to maintain thick, healthy grass while offering advantages such as a consistent, freshly cut lawn every day in rain or shine; fertilizer from lawn trimmings; and environmentally friendly operation.

When you choose KLon for your residential lawn care requirements, you may save time and get a lovely, well-kept lawn that increases the value of your house. Contact us right now to schedule a lawn care service.