Commercial Lawn Care in Grande Prairie

For commercial and industrial buildings, KLon Services provides a range of lawn care services. Our individualized Vegetation Management strategies go above and beyond conventional weed control to offer the best option for each unique site. To return your land to its original, weed-free form, our broadleaf weed removal program targets common invasive species including dandelions, chamomile, and thistle.

  • Vegetation Management: This service offers a personalized strategy that is adapted to the requirements of every single property. It is more complex than conventional weed control and provides the best way to slow the spread of invasive plant species. This service aims to help improve the overall appearance of a property by getting rid of broadleaf weeds and making the lawn greener and thicker while remaining weed-free. It is created to limit the amount of herbicide needed and is suited to the requirements of each unique property.
  • Lawn Mowing in Grande Prairie: KLon Services in Grande Prairie provides both one-time grass cuts and regular lawn mowing programs. A property can maintain its best appearance all season with a monthly mowing plan.
  • Packages for weed control and fertilization: This service combines the application of fertilizer in the spring, summer, and fall with the treatment of a herbicide for each season. It provides comprehensive yard upkeep methods, including mowing, spring and fall clean-ups, and the use of pesticides.
  • Fertilization, aeration, and specialty cleanups: We provide these services to commercial properties to help the lawn’s roots get enough air and water. The team is educated in the right application of fertilizer, which promotes healthy and thick growth of grass, and lawns should be fertilized every six to eight weeks. Only organic fertilizer is applied there.

These services are tailored to the needs of commercial properties, businesses, and other business-related lawn care services. KLon Services in Grande Prairie is dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible look for their property’s landscape.