Landscape Design Grande Prairie

Landscape design is a crucial part of developing any landscaping project and KLon Services is available to help with all of your landscape design needs in and around the Grande Prairie area.

  • Residential Landscape Design: Residential landscape design can be made easy with the help of KLon Services. Whether you want to do some landscaping on your own residential home and are looking for help from the experts or you are well-versed in residential landscape designing and just want a second opinion on your blueprints, KLon Services can help with any of your residential landscape design needs in the Grande Prairie area.
  • Commercial Landscape Design: Commercial landscape design can be an important element to get right for any commercial area people will visit, as the landscape will help shape the initial opinions surrounding the commercial area. KLon Services has skilled professionals who are ready to help make sure your commercial landscape design is exactly how you would like it and ready to move on to the next phase.

KLon is here to help you with all of your landscape design needs in the Grande Prairie area. Having the help of skilled professionals can make all the difference when you are planning to remodel a pre-existing landscape or if you are designing a new landscape.

  • Consultations: KLon Services provides consultations for all of your needs when it comes to designing a landscape. Whether you are looking to get some estimates or just talk through a potential landscape design, KLon Services can provide helpful consultations in the Grande Prairie area.
  • Blueprints & Design Builds: We provide expert landscape design and blueprint services for new building projects as well as revisions to current blueprints at KLon Services. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in developing a beautiful and effective landscape design that matches your individual needs and preferences. We employ cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your blueprint truly reflects your idea, and we collaborate with you throughout the design process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. KLon Services can help you accomplish your landscaping goals, whether you want to construct a new outdoor space or make changes to an existing one.
  • Recommendations: KLon Services can make excellent recommendations for any of your landscape projects, whether you are looking to start a new design, make changes to an existing landscape, or improve upon a landscape to make it more visually appealing, KLon can provide you with excellent recommendations and feedback.