Commercial Herbicide Grande Prairie

Our specialized broadleaf weed removal program will enhance the appearance of the property at your place of business. To match your unique demands and reduce the amount of herbicide needed, we work with you to personalize the program. Because they are invasive and proliferate quickly, broadleaf weeds can be challenging to eradicate. Our team, however, has the expertise and experience to successfully manage them. Although these weeds are resilient and may survive in virtually any setting, our program is made to address the issue and improve the aesthetic of your property.

Bareground Seasonal Programs: This program is used once every season to manage any vegetation in a particular area. It is supported by a season-long guarantee. To mix and apply the ingredients that will effectively control plant species, we employ an economical and environmentally friendly herbicide sprayer. You can reserve your yearly bareground program at any time between early spring and late fall.

Programs for controlling broadleaf weeds: This combination of herbicides is most frequently used in ditches, pipelines, and utility right-of-ways. While ensuring that the grass in these places continues to grow healthily, our crew will eliminate undesirable weeds. Any industrial site’s overall vegetation management strategy should include this program as a key component.

To help manage and control weeds on your property, KLon offers herbicide contact control programs. Yet, because contact control alone is not economical, we usually advise implementing a management program. The success of weed control requires multiple sprays and is highly reliant on the climate and growing environment. Our crew has the knowledge to create a management plan that works for you, making sure that your property stays weed-free and lovely all year long.