Garden Supplies and Services

Garden Soil

Quality, balanced, mixed, and tested soil medium for all your gardening needs.

Garden Compost

Enjoy this great soil conditioner and add some organic matter to your lawn, flower beds, or garden plot.

Peat Moss

Perfect for helping your soil hold nutrients. ‘Acidic soil’ plants like blueberries and rhododendrons love a serving of peat moss.


We are working on stocking a variety of substrates for gardeners to choose from


Are you looking for fertilizers? Come see what we have available!


KLon has a tree farm! We sell many sizes of evergreens, leafy trees, fruit trees, vines, shrubs, and perennial woody plants.

A gardener’s dream come true—make your flower beds and vegetable gardens flourish Grande Prairie!

Pick up your garden soil or turf at KLon Services

  • High quality top soil
  • Great for topping up any garden, flowerbed, and lawn (highly recommended when you’re over-seeding your lawn)
  • Pro Tip: mix the Black Garden Soil with your existing soil to all both air and water nutrients to work throughout. Follow this with straight Black Garden Soil on top for a beautiful aesthetic
KLon Garden

Garden Supplies and Services

The smartest locals know that Grande Prairie gardeners are some of the most dedicated, passionate gardeners in the country! KLon Services wants to make sure every green finger and grower can get the Grande Prairie gardening supplies they need quickly, easily, and locally.

Do you need a lot of soil? We’ve got the garden dirt you’ve been looking for! Give us a call or stop by to pick up your garden & landscape supplies. And you’re welcome to feast your eyes on all the delights we have on site to make this year the best year ever for Grande Prairie gardening.

Whether you’re setting up for an epic garden plan, or you want a few perfect planters with your favourite flowers, come say hello and find what you need.